Speak Peace Not Hate


Europe is experiencing some turmoil in these times, whether it be from the economic crisis, the situation of refugees and migrants, the greater openness of minorities to be claiming their rights, acts of terrorism by radicals or warfare between countries Islamophobia, antigypsyism ,anti immigrant, anti-welfare takers, homophobic, anti-gender, anti-women, or plane hatred against the other country emerges and takes over social media. According to the Hate Speech Watch launched by No Hate Speech Movement number of Hate Speech cases increased rapidly. The alarming developments stand in direct opposition to the vision of a European society characterized by pluralism, non- discrimination, tolerance, justice, solidarity and gender equality. Taking into account the fact how populist movement are getting more and more support from public in Europe we currently see how this direct violence is causing cultural violence, sometimes it transforms even into structural violence and this process keeps the cycle going. In this regard role of non-formal education and youth work can be applied in order to support processes of intercultural dialogue and work on intercultural competences of youngsters democratic values and fundamental rights, social inclusion and non-discrimination, as well as interactive dialogue. We see non-formal education a tool to address the needs mentioned. To fight against Hate Speech and various forms of Human Rights there should be combination of online and offline actions.


– to raise awareness about hate speech on-line and the risks it has for fuelling the conflicts and individual young people;

– to develop the skills and motivation for young people to recognize on-line hate speech and to become ‘on-line activists’ for human rights;

– to equip young people and youth organizations with tools to combat hate speech on-line;

– to provide the participants with tools to organize on-line and off-line campaigns focused on combating with hate speech and by these means to provide the multiplying effect for the project;

– to build capacities of the partner organizations involved in the project for building cohesive and peaceful communities;

– to provide strong multiplying effect of the project among young people;

– to strengthen the network of young people and youth organizations working on combating hate speech on-line in Europe through the No Hate Speech Movement and National Campaigns.


Project Flow


PHASE I – Training course in London

PHASE II – Implementation of Local Actions/Initiatives – June-July 2018 PHASE III – Advanced Planning Visit for the Youth Exchange in Ukraine – 2-3 July 2018

PHASE IV – Youth Exchange in Ukraine – 23 July – 1 August 2018


Democracy Lab Youth (Armenia)

Institute for Democratic Changes (Georgia)

AMSED (France)

The Republican Center for Children and Youth “Artico” (Moldova)

YINFO – Genclik Bilgi Merkezi Dernegi (Turkey)

Apvalus Stalas (Lithuania)

Centre of Euro Initiatives (Ukraine)

Speak Peace Not Hate