Youth For Peace

Youth exchange “Youth for Peace” involve young people from conflict stricken communities from Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, UK and Ukraine. We will create a safe space to better understand conflicts and start a process of conflict transformation through learning, living and acting together.

Current conflicts which appear and escalate through Europe bring to the raise of hatred in the European communities. Young people are growing up in the regions affected by conflicts, enduring the consequences of extreme forms of physical and structural violence. They are often confronted with dramatic life forming experiences, emotions and challenges. Such experiences may strongly influence their views and behaviour towards their own and other communities. Many young people, despite these circumstances, choose however to engage in constructive initiatives and dialogue instead of becoming themselves the multipliers of hatred and rejection which fuel prejudice and the conflict.

It is important to show to young people the perspective of peace and how they can be involved in the development of culture of peace in their communities. It is crucial to support and recognize the role of young people as promoters of peace and peer leaders, to show them their capacities to involve other young people in dialogue, intercultural communication, conflict transformation and peace work projects. 


The youth exchange “Youth for Peace” is aimed at engaging young people and youth organizations from conflict stricken regions to the process of conflict transformation and dialogue within and between the communities through peace education and intercultural learning and to provide safe space for living and learning together.

The objectives of the youth exchange: 

– To share and to learn from each other as young people who are coming from conflict stricken communities;

– To develop awareness and competences of participants in peace education, conflict transformation, intercultural learning and dialogue, including a critical understanding of personal and collective identities and their role in conflicts;

their coping strategies in a positive and safe atmosphere of living and learning together;

– To explore new ways of communication and dialogue through creative and innovative activities;

– To learn about young people’s realities in the participating countries;

– To motivate and support participants in their role as multipliers and peer leaders in peace building in their local communities.


Democracy Lab Youth – Armenia
Institute for Democratic Changes – Georgia
Ruklos vaiku beisbolo lyga – Lithuania
Youth Peace Ambassadors Network Poland – Poland
Center of voluntary movement “Lastochki” – Russian Federation
Dinamik Gelisim Dernegi – Turkey
Centre of Innovative Approaches – UK (coordinating organization)
Center for Euroinitiatives – Ukraine (hosting organization)



Youth For Peace